i love you, zhang yixing

kyungold answered: Floatable Bread


cr2py answered: shit floats


owned harder

Sehun can swim. Noodles float don't they?


can sehun swim?

Does Sehun drops it like it hot: a-yes b-none of the above c-long live the king

d. image

i took ur compatability test and i got beakhyun i think its broketn

HAHA when i said the test is not a lie i mean that the test is not a lie. good luck with the sack

dance class

suho: its time to make our dance moves sharper

jong: yeah i need some help on that :/

suho: kris will  U show him whos boss?



you might be my fave person on here just letting you know bc important also you're great have a wonderful day still sends over some of the gay

:’-=] thank u so much i love u oto infinity